The InfraScan™ is a research quality NIR reflectance instrument designed for developing calibrations or for general research.  The instrument is also available in a spectral range configuration which extends coverage into the visible spectrum and covers the 380 – 1100nm range.   The system can be run from the built in touch screen or by using an external mouse, keyboard and monitor.  The powerful Omega-Pro™ software is included which provides a multitude of spectral manipulation and calculation features. 

Typical Applications

Powders, liquids, pastes, color measurements…

Our calibration services can develop calibrations for almost any significant component or property for your particular product.

Key Features


Spectral range options (380-1100 nm or 1350 – 2550 nm).


Dimensions:  370 X 370 460 mm (14.6 X 14.6 X 18.1 inches)
Weight: 28 kg (62 lbs.)
Wavelength range :  Standard: 1350-2550 nm  · Optional: 380-1100 nm · .5 nm scan increment
Sample Presentation:  magnetically controlled sample dishes for full automated measurements

Features common to all Bruins analyzers