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We are Bruins Instruments USA representing Bruins Instruments GmbH (www.bruins.de). Bruins Instruments produces precision NIR Analyzers for the Agriculture, Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries. Bruins Instruments USA provides sales, service, support, calibration services, application development and training for the complete product line in North America.

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Bruins Instruments GmbH was founded in Munich in 1979 by Hans Joachim Bruins.  Mr. Bruins obtained his degree in electrical engineering from the University of Duisburg.  He gained experience after graduating in a variety of disciplines including microscope imaging, biomedical instrumentation, laser spectroscopy, and optical spectroscopy.  Mr. Bruins currently holds over a dozen patents on spectrophotometer and sampling technology.  Bruins Instruments produces research grade spectrophotometers famous for their speed, sensitivity, and accuracy and supplied instruments to numerous research facilities for standards determination such as the Max Planck Institute.  In 1982, Bruins Instruments delivered its first NIR analyzer systems for the agricultural and food industries.  Since then, Bruins Instruments has continued to expand and improve its line of NIR analyzers and have delivered thousands of systems worldwide.



Our Technology

The heart of all Bruins Instruments NIR analyzers is the Bruins novel rapid scanning monochromator.  The advanced technology incorporated in this device has been developed and refined over the years to produce the most sensitive, stable, reliable and reproducible instruments in the world.  With a heritage evolved from research grade spectrophotometers used in the most prestigious research institutes worldwide, this device is both simple and elegant in its design.  While many have tried to copy the design, none have been able to approach the performance and stability of this system.  Bruins NIR Analyzers are so stable they have been known to run for over 5 years without a single adjustment.  In addition, they are the only NIR systems where product calibrations can be transferred between the entire family of instruments without recalibration.
Bruins Instruments also has developed some of the most advanced sampling technology available providing reliable, reproducible measurements in all modes of operation including transmission or reflectance modes.  A fully integrated self contained computer controls each instrument through an easy to use touch screen display. Specific models can also be used as research grade spectrometers by simply connecting a Keyboard, mouse and external display to run the full featured Microsoft Windows based Omega -Pro spectrometry software.

Our Commitment to You

While Bruins continues to innovate, you can always be comfortable you are dealing with a friendly, reputable company who is responsive to customer needs while providing the most advanced NIR analyzers. Our European and USA manufacturing facilities provide comprehensive service, support, and calibration development in coordination with our sales offices world-wide.